When Edmund Kalau brought airplanes to Yap, his vision was to use them only for humanitarian purposes.  But the government permitted him to operate on the basis that PMA would also provide a transportation service to the remote islands that had runways.  And so it came to pass that PMA soon became an essential link from the main islands states of Yap and Pohnpei to their respective outer islands.  Most islands with runways are a minimum of 100 nautical miles (NM) away, with some as far as 370 NM away.

In hindsight, this proved to be an ideal setup.  The transportation of people and cargo to the remote locations not only provides revenue to pay for parts and fuel, but in itself is a way that PMA can fulfill its motto of “Bringing Hope” to islands that would otherwise be “forgotten.”

Today, PMA continues to be a lifeline to these islands and is committed to helping supply their needs with food, educational supplies, medical supplies, and also transportation of people.

YAP routes