Medical Evacuations were the primary reason for Pastor Edmund Kalau wanting to bring airplanes to Micronesia.  He had been a pastor in Yap for 15 years prior to starting PMA and he saw the huge need for getting the sick or injured people evacuated quickly from the remote islands and bring them to the main island where there was a hospital.  If that hospital could not handle the situation, there was at least another option to take them from Yap to a better facility in Palau or Guam.

From the very beginning until today, PMA has always offered the medivac services completely free of charge to the patient and one family member.  The hospital can call PMA and dispatch our plane while providing the medical personnel to accompany the flight if necessary.

What a rewarding opportunity it is for us to be able to bring hope to the people of these remote islands by providing a service that can often save lives.  Of course not all stories have a happy ending, but at least PMA is available 7 days a week to answer the call.