PMA is available for charters to any of the islands that we fly to or at an hourly rate to any location within range.  If ground time is required, the first hour is complimentary, and then the rates apply for every subsequent hour.

*PMA reserves the right to load cargo onto any charter flight that has additional space available.


During life’s difficult times, when a loved one passes away, PMA is there to help.  Our plane will transport the remains in a casket back to the home island to be buried.  This is offered at a discounted rate to the family so that there is not such a large financial burden.


PMA has done many sea searches over the years and some do not have a happy ending.  In an effort to equip the islander fishermen with proper emergency equipment such as EPIRB’s, PMA started a food program that would help fund them.  PMA will stock one hundred 20#bags of rice in the hangar which flies as standby cargo.  Whenever there is remaining space on a flight, we max it out with rice.  PMA donates the freight, but the rice is sold at $10/bag which is $2-3 more than we purchase it for.  All the proceeds goes towards purchasing EPIRB’s for the outer islands.  After 3 years of providing this service, PMA has equipped each of the 18 inhabited outer islands of Yap with 2 EPIRB’s each.  These are available on a sign out basis.  The cheap rice is also an added perk.  

avgas 100ll available

Need to fuel up on your trans-Pacific ferry flight?

Yap Island or Koror, Palau can be a fuel stop for you if you need AVGAS 100LL.  PMA has the only supply of AVGAS at these two airports.  Just contact us in advance to make sure we have enough in storage to supply your needs and get you on your way.


Yap International Airport requires that all aircraft coming into Yap or passing through must have a designated ground handler.  PMA and United Airlines are the two approved ground handlers in Yap.  The purpose of the ground handler is to be your contact on the ground.  Here are some of the jobs that we can do for you:

1. Contact Customs, Immigration & Quarantine.

2. Arrange with airport on where they want you to park your plane.

3. Marshall your aircraft into the designated parking spot on the apron.

4. If you require JET-A1 we can call the fuel truck to arrange the time.